Is it possible to say that 2011 has been one of the hardest years, but also one of the best years? Lets recap.

Jan. 1st – Still getting over the SICKness on CHRISTmas. Seth came over to exchange christmas gits that we didn’t get to over Christmas. That night I told him that I missed him and whatever he wanted to do (stay friends or get back together), I was game. He said he’d pray about it.
3rd – Seth and I went out and he said yes…so we got back together 😀
8th – WinterJam! Newsong and The Newsboys made the night grand! along with 10 other bands. It was the first night Seth and I worshiped together, it was nice. Ashley & Livie sat with us. His friends sat in the isle next to us. Ignite was above us, the homeschoolers below us and MFBC/HBC across from us.
21st – 22nd – Went to YEC with Underground. 2 of our kids got saved! All the girls rode with me and Chelsea and “what’s said in my car, stays in my car”. We all had a great weekend!
25th – Youth Sunday at HBC. We did The Chair skit.
Feb. 5th – Battle of the Bands! Torn in Two won! Ended up making a McDonalds run for everyone with Seth, Olivia, & Marshall. we got mocha, chocha, frocha lattes!
14th – Valentines Day…I actually liked it this year 🙂
note: Most of my year was spent at Chick-Fil-A working.
March 25th – Ignite Lock-in. We did a few dramas and I led a kid to Christ! it was a great night! We left about 3 am…gettin to old for this “all nighter” stuff. haha
April 1st & 2nd – BREAK FREE! Philmont & Chasen headlined. Hung out with Philmont after the show and sang some Annie and Peter Pan songs. 50+ kids were saved! God just showed up and took over on saturday night so much that we skipped the speaker and went straight to the alter call! it was amazing!
30th – Had a 50th surprise party for dad. My brothers and sister all came in with their familys. It was a great day!
Also in April went on a CMA ride with Dad. It was a great day! I took a ton of pictures and got to hang out with cool bikers!
May 14th – Dave and Kristina got married!
Jacob & Livie graduated. =/
Celebrated 1 year with The God MOVEment.
Went to Kings Island with Seth and LCHS.
Also met Mike, the lead singer of Tenth Avenue North. They opend for Third Day in Charleston. He told us (me, mom and seth) that during ThirdDays set he was reading about wisdom in Proverbs and wrote a song. He recorded it on his iPhone and played it for us. We were the first ones ever to hear it. He called it “Dear Son”. I felt honored that he played it for us and asked our oppinion. [I found out 2 months ago that they recorded it and it will be on their next album]
June 14th-18th – Camp Zoe! for our 2nd year, it went great! This year alot of kids let go of stuff and shared things they never had before. Those kids had experianced God like I’ve never seen people that have been Christians for 50 years have. 3 girls expecially let go of a lot. One dealing with a death, one dealing with a death and feeling unloved, one feeling like her dad didn’t love her because he always yells at her and her mom, and another girl mended her relationship with her brother. it was amazing!
 20th-25th – ALIVE11! Livie and Isaiah went with me this year. We met people like Matt Pitt, The City Harmoc (those guys were great!), Rebecca St.James, Hillsong United, and more! Got to see Tenth Avenue North again. They did Heart of the Artist this year (it where ya get to ask them questions about their music or their life) I was the fist to ask something, so I asked about “Dear Son” he sang the chorus for everyone and shared the meaning behind it.
July 7th – Bam Bam was born! aka baby Brian. my newest nephew!
Went to South Carolina to celebrate Bub and Noahs Birthdays and to see Bam Bam.
August – Livie and Jake left for college =/
28th – my last Sunday at LFC. It was a hard decision, but seasons were changing.
Sept. 1st Seth asked me to marry him!!!! I said yes, duh 😉 We went to the Brookeview Elementary School playground where we go all the time. Swang, played on the monkey bars, etc. I Started to walk away and he came up behind me. I turned around and he was on one knee with ring in hand♥ I didn’t say yes off the bat though, the first words out of my mouth were “When did you ask my dad!?” …quickly followed by yes 🙂
4th- My first Sunday at HBC.
5th – Donny got the managers job and the Family Christian Store…they moved up that weekend!
17th – My friends Mykala & Chris got married! I got to be their pianist.
Oct. 8th – My friend Olivia Cain became Olivia Adkins! Her and Joe had a beautiful fall wedding♥
19th – Tragic accident. My cousin Mike was killed in a tractor accident. I have no words to describe how horrible those few weeks were…
Nov. 5th – got to see Chris Tomlin again! I wish I could have enjoied the concert more…I was pretty sick.
19th – Travis and Amber got married! (seemed to be a year of weddings♥)
24th – Thanksgiving
Dec. I feel as though I’ve done nothing of worth this year. Sure great things have happened, but what did I do good this year? I attended events and worked at CFA. “I work to live, not live to work” as a great man once told me. I don’t know, I just feel like I didn’t do anything of worth this year.
22nd- Christmas with Seths family
23rd- my 20th birthday
24th- Christmas with the family
25th – Did the Elf on the Shelf skit at church, later had Christmas with Seths dads side of the family
31st – My mommas birthday! had the whole family over…rang in the new year with prayer and fire works.
Today is the first day of 2012. How shall I start it? How will it end? What am I going to make of it? Do I follow my heart? Whats the right things to do? Too many questions. I don’t know the answers. I’m praying things are better this year.


random head ranting

I’m in one of those moods where I want to write everything that pops in my head.
so here it goes.

people are strange.
I dont like when people try to set me up with other people when they know I’m engaged.
why am I awake at 1am?
That akward moment when you see someone you know at walmart and they have no idea who you are.
I want corn pops. we don’t have corn pops. we have froot loops. I don’t want froot loops.
the dogs are barking. it might be a long night.
There was an old lady who lived in a shoe.
There was an old lady who swallowed a fly…perhaps she’ll die.
Who the heck came up with those demented nursery rhymes?
I wonder if it was the same lady?
I’m getting married in 9 months and 20 days 🙂
I want to say things to people…
I miss high school
I can’t believe I just said that
I wonder if toast would be better than froot loops?
I wonder how old these froot loops are?
Hello world and welcome to Cassies brain.
oh God bless you if you’re still reading this.
Someone leave a comment and let me know if you read this whole thing.
I’ll give you a special gift if you have read this whole thing.
I don’t like taking pills.
I can’t hardly remember to take my pills.
There are a lot of pills.
Pills rhyms bills and bills remind me of money and money reminds me of a bank and a bank reminds me of my fiance and that makes me think..oh crap, i just lost THE GAME.
ok so it’s 1:12am now. so i’m going to bed.
well I’m going to eat first cause i’m hungry.
then take pills.
then go to bed.

I haven’t posted anything since May, so here’s an update…
Seth and I are now engaged!♥
I’m now attending Hamlin Baptist Church.
Someone I looked up to very much has been arrested.
I’m still at Chick-Fil-A.Now, to vent:
I can’t stand liars. And TOO MANY people I know right now lie to me.

Chick-Fil-A customers:
If I hand you your money with the receipt and you don’t want the receipt, please place the receipt in  the trash can located behind you at the escalators. Do not leave it, and your straw wrapper, crumbled up right in front of my register and walk away…especially while I’m watching you.
If you are a customer at McDonalds or Wendy’s and you order a meal, what usually comes with the meal? Fries & a drink, correct? What do expect to get with a meal at Chich-fil-A? Cupcakes and worms, right? Please, have common sense. A meal comes with fries and a drink unless you would like to substitute that for something else.
If it is lunch rush and you can’t hear the person beside you, please don’t expect me to hear your order if you’re standing two feet way.
When you order something, please listen while I repeat it back to you.
For Example…
       Customer: I would like a number 8 with a tea
       Me: So thats a number 8? and would you like sweet tea or unsweet?
       Customer: Yes
       Me: ok thats $6.77…would you like ketchup or sauce?
       Customer: No
       -10 minutes later-
       Customer: This isn’t what I ordered! I wanted the number 5, 8 count!
       This is sweet tea! I wanted unsweet! and where’s my ketchup!?
       Me: Do you have your receipt?
       Customer: YES! right here! 
Then they realize they don’t know what they’re talking about. BUT, the customer is always right. (Never work fast food.)
When you have already ordered and have stepped away with your stuff and another customer is already placing their order, please don’t run back up and interupt with what you forgot. Please wait until the customer is done placing their order. Then you may speak. Have some respect, PEOPLE!
When ordering, please don’t ask me, “If I buy a convertable, would you ride with me?” (That is also rude.)
Please do not sing Bohemian Rhapsody everytime you order from me.
Please do not say “You’re pretty hot.Won’t you go home with me tonight?”
After you have ordered and a bag is placed by my register, please do not grab that bag and walk away…there are other customers that are before you and have not gotten their food. The food that you have just taken would be theirs, not yours.
If I think of any other common sense rules for CFA, I’ll be sure to post them.
🙂 🙂 🙂 😛

So do you remember me telling you about my crazy (unclaimed) aunt? well, update…;
Mom talked to her about a month ago and they were civil…and even talked about everyone getting together for Maw and Paws sake. BUTTTTTT she is mental and has totally went off again. *angry face* Yesterday was my dads birthday, she sent him a card, attached was a letter. She brought everything from the past up again, she’s gone off, and I’m sick of it. Just when I thought things might get back to normal, or when I actually think about maybe speaking to her again, this stuff happened. I will never get her voice out of my head when she called and said to me “I’m on my way over to beat the hell out of you!” Seriously, I had done nothing, it was my parents she was after, and they had done nothing, but the woman is crazy! She needs committed, her whole family does. Nothing but lies and facades. Everyone thinks she’s like mother terresa…heck to the no she’s not. People will come up to me at walmart and ask how she is (cause no one knows we don’t speak, everyone thinks we have this great, loving family and nothings wrong) and I have *smile* and say that I haven’t talked to her much but last I checked she was still living. I just want to tell everyone who thinks she’s a saint that she’s possessed and bring the truth to light, but no one would belive me.

I’m frustrated with the whole thing. There’s so much more I could say about other people in my family, and those that are close to us (or were close to us) but it’s late and I’m ready to go to bed…but you can bet there will  be a part 2 to this.

I’m really not as unhappy as I sound in these blogs, I just only blog when I am unhappy or over emotional or frustrated. One day I’ll blog about the happy stuff in my life, which there’s alot more than the unhappy. And a huge smile just came over my face because I thought of one♥.

This blog does not enclose old MySpace blogs. This blog is completely new and full of updates on life over the past 3 and a half months.

As I mentioned yesterday, I am sick. Today is Monday…I left work early on Tuesday because I didn’t feel well. After 2 days of 102+ fever, 1 day of non-stop snot blowing, I am now on my 3rd day of non-stop coughing and random snot blowing. Haven’t been back to work since I left. This sucks. I miss work… (it’s Chick-Fil-A, who wouldn’t miss it?)
I have been craving a 12 piece nugget, hash browns, pickles and a brownie from CFA so bad since Wednesday!

My amazing boyfriend came over on Saturday and put up with my hacking and snotting just so we could see eachother…Oh! which brings me to my next subject…Seth and I are back together! He came over on new years day so that we could exchange Christmas gifts (since we didn’t get to at Christmas cause I was in the hospital). We talked that night about getting back together and 2 days later, on January 3rd, we were! He makes me so happy 🙂 I love him so stinkin much♥

Break Free 2011 was a hit! 50+ kids were saved over the course of both days. There was a great moment on the second day. The Turn Around was playing and Dave (the lead singer) came off the stage, stood in the middle of the gym and had EVERYONE gather in a circle around him. He said that’s what THE church needs to be. It shouldn’t matter what denomination you are or what you look like, etc. but we need to come together as a family. It was an amazing experience. We ended up skipping the speaker that night and went right into the alter call. Tons of kids were saved then. It was great!

God is doing awesome stuff around here! Kids are getting saved each week at Underground and HBC are baptizing people every Sunday! Maranatha are in their 4th week of revival with 300+ people saved and they’re still goin! Seths church went into sporadic revival Sunday before last with 20+ saved!  There is a crazy awesome youth movement goin on in Lincoln County! One church had a youth revival and it spread like wildfire with around 20 saved, maybe more..I’m not sure on numbers and details on that one. Then one of the guys that play guitar in the Maranatha praise team was telling me of another church that broke out in sporadic revival! It’s so great! I’m so excited! And it’s only the beginning!

Amanda Basham had the baby! Micah William born April 9th! 7 lbs. 3 oz. and 20 inches long.  He looks just like his daddy.  
My sister-in-law, Amy, is having a boy! They’re naming him Brian Alan after Joey (my brother) and my dad 🙂 He’s due in July. It’s gonna be weird saying “hey Brian!” and both him and my dad saying “what!?” lol.

My best friends are seniors and will be leaving me this fall =/ Livie will be going to ONU near Chicago and Jake will be going to WVU in Morgantown. But I’m happy for them. I know they need to go. I’ll miss them a crap ton though!

I think some changes will be happening in my life soon. I’ve been prayin and it looks like there is a new journey awaiting me. Exciting and scary all at the same time. Ecclesiastes says “For everything there is a season.” Seasons change…I think it’s time for a new spring 🙂

My dad got a job! It’s less than a 3rd of what he was making before, but it’s a job nonetheless. It’s very new to him and different from the work he has done before. Stressful, but hopefully only for a season…a very short season. 

I think I’ve pretty much covered everything. If I think of anything else then I’ll just edit 😉
Hopefully I’ll be better by morning and can go back to work. Prayers appreciated. love to all♥

So since I’ve started working, I don’t really have time to write…but I’ve been sick for the past 5 days and stuck at home, so I figured it’s time to write.

I got on myspace this evening. Odd, I know, but I wanted to see if any of my old stuff was on there. My old pictures are gone, videos gone, and a few other things. I looked at the blog area hoping that all of it was still there and thank God it was. I use to use that thing as my pulpit. Momma always said its where I do my best preachin.

After reading over a few, I thought “I don’t have time to write much anymore, I want to delete myspace, but I don’t want to lose my blogs….IDEA! I’ll post my old blogs on my new blog. Let people see how much I’ve changed and how much I’ve stayed the same over the past 6 years.”

We’ll start with the last one I posted and work our way back to the very first one.
So here we go.

Title: Road Trip!
Posted: Aug. 28, 2009
Current Mood: Excited

I’m in my car on my way to Pittsburg. Flood by Jars of Clay is on the radio. Hmm, Ty is calling me. Ok anyways, he was just asking me if I was there yet. Haha. But as I’m sitting in my car on this long road trip,  I’m  looking at the cars we’re driving past and I wonder “where are they going? What are they doing? Are they listening to music or are they talking to themselves? Haha,  do you ever wonder? What is there relationship with God? What if on their car ride, they end up not making it to their destination. Then, where would their destination be? I know this is strange, but when I pass someone on the road, I look at them and I pray for them, their safety, my safety, their family. What if they are in a valley of darkness and have lost hope? What if they just lost someone? What if they just quit something? Or it could be that they’re on the highest mountain of happiness and joy.  What if they just found hope or something, anything, they’ve lost? What if they’re stepping out and starting something that could change the world? Car rides make me think, whether it be a short trip to walmart or a long trip to Pittsburg. Car rides also give me time with God that otherwise I wouldn’t have. At home I am distracted by TV, internet, phone, etc. but when I’m in the car I can have my worship music on, I can sing to God at the top of my lungs, or I can have the music off and just have quiet time to meditate and listen to what He’s trying to tell me. Car rides are great, and funny when you pass a pimped out hearse. I also love the games you can play on road trips! Make a list of things to find like 3 crosses by the road, a Canadian license plate, 20 tractor trailers, etc. or LEMON! And then you have those great songs that annoy Dad like Baby Shark, 99 bottles of milk on the wall, or the song that never ends. And when you go on trip where you go through tunnels, you can see if you can hold your breath till you get to the other side [this is what my nephew loves doing]. Another fun thing for road trips are the story disks like Adventures in Odyssey or The Hobbit. I love listening to those on trips because you’re imagination goes wild! And the beautiful scenery! I love the old barns and churches and fields you pass on your way to wherever your destination may be. Also David Crowder is a must for road trips or any car rides! Now I’m listening to DC*B – Everybody Wants to go to Heaven on the B Collision CD! WOO!

Whoa! Did you know that there is a place in WV actually called “Duck”? Ha! Funny! Sorry, ADD, we just passed the sign. Haha.

It’s raining it’s pouring, the old man in snoring! Yes it’s raining. But DC*B is good for this rainy road trip. I’m now listening to the song “I Can Hear the Angels Singing”. Have you ever seen the movie Elizabeth Town? Well I kinda feel like that. When the girl gives that guy the list of things to do on his way home and gives him an amazing playlist, yea, it’s great! Right now the GPS says we will be arriving at our Hotel at 3:54pm but Dad is wanting to stop at the Golden Corral in Morgantown for dinner…so it will probably be closer to 5 when we get there.

Wow! The fog rising off the mountains is beautiful through here!

I told you I was ADD. Haha!


Ok, I’m gonna go look at the beauty of the earth =]

Looking Back on 2010

It’s the last day of 2010. What have I done with my year? Did I make it count? Have I made a difference? How many friends did I make? How many friends did I lose? What changes have I made? What stayed the same? Did I reach new goals? What happened in 2010?

Off the top of my head, 2010:
The year started off with a great kiss by a great guy 🙂
February – 20th – Break Free Battle of the Bands, Dime Store Heist won 🙂
26th – Broke up with that great guy…God said we were going down two different roads. we’re still good friends 🙂
March – 5th – Ignite Lock-In. Olivia Ruby re-entered my life and we became BEST friends!
27th – The first Awakening at Buddy Preece’s church. RAIN & The Turn Around was there. I met Leighann, my twin, & Alton, her boyfriend. A guy gave me an apology from the platform for hitting me in a moshpit at the Battle then called me beautiful. That was a good night.
April – 1st – My niece Alexa was born!
24th & 25th – Break Free! all I can say is WOW! God amazes me every year! and this was only our second year. The Wrecking and Among The Thirsty were our headliners. sooo many kids got saved and re-dedicated! Brock, ATT’s bass player, used my flash drive 🙂
Also in this month, I started talking to someone…
May – 16th – Ryan Long preached a message about how we need to get our butts in gear and have a God movement (readers digest version)
17th – Olivia & I started The God MOVEment Ministry
June – 5th – Graduation! I was no longer in school!  🙂 BAM! I wasn’t a kid anymore. =/
Summer Slam was that night in Hamlin! Will Basham is the coolest for making these things happen! This was also the fist event that TGM attended. it was a great night 🙂
Sometime around this time the world seemed like it was turned up-side-down. We prayed a lot for our church and our friends at this point.
9th -12th – Camp ZOE! our churches first camp! it was great! it was an amazing sight to see a change in those kids. I personally watched this one kid come in the first day, would not listen, kept getting in trouble, could not sit down. by the last day, he had got saved, was helping out, would listen, it was amazing! this kid had done a complete 180! I saw things like this happen to 4 other kids.
19th – Alive Fest! Olivia went with me. We saw Needtobreathe! (our whole purpose of going) while we were there, American Idol contestant, Phil Stacy, was getting ready to do a set. We got to hang out and talk with him. He asked if we had been there all week, I told him that my dad & I thought we would be playing at our church that weekend but turned out we didn’t have to so we decided to come up there. Phil said “oh, what do you play?” I told him that I played piano. He asked if I sang and Livie didn’t give him a chance to finish his sentence before she squealed “yes!”. he looked at me and said “the band that was supposed to go on before me couldn’t make it and I have a 2 hour set now…would you like to sing?” Livie said “yes she would! yes!” so I did. I got to play & sing a song (that I wrote) for Phil Stacy, The Lee University Singers, and hundreds of other people! I got a standing ovation 🙂 Thanks Phil for giving me that chance and Livie for making me do it!
That night we had a great time of worship with Chris Tomlin. The sky was bursting with blues, yellows, pinks, reds, purples! The trees were swaying as if they were dancing and their limbs were stretched high like they were praising with us! It was amazing. 🙂
July – I got my heart broken. I was hurt for a long time. I was angry for a long time. Only in November did I forgive this person.
July was my month, let me tell ya. 5 days out of the week was with Jake & Livie. We went everywhere together. If someone saw one of us, they saw all 3 of us. It was great! 🙂
30th & 31st – Amp’d For Christ! great weekend of Jesus lovin! RAIN ministered on the 31st. TGM set up on the RAIN table that day. lots of new friendships were made! 🙂 …one was lost. God moved greatly that weekend!
August – End of Summer, school starting back for everyone…crazy times. Also this was the month my parents were celebrating their 25th anniversary! they went out-of-town for a few days and Laura Epling came over! we partied it up with brownies and Dear John.
11th – went to Kings Island with Ignite! it rained all day, which made it a great day! (reasons not noted ;] ) I rode my very first roller coaster, up-side-down coaster & 5 story tall coaster! Thanks Mark Thomas & Laura Poore! That night, it had dried up, the park was lighting up. it was beautiful. Jacob & I started walking around the park cause i wanted to take pictures…then out of nowhere, BAM! the sky’s opened up again! it was a heavy rain, but a pure rain. I loved it. Jake and I ran and got under the carousel. later he won me a penguin! that was a great day 🙂
September – 19th – 25th – Tennessee Trip! I love Tennessee! It feels like home there. We got a cabin on top of a mountain with a wonderful view. The cabin was just, wow! We went to Cades Cove (our reasoning for visiting the smokies) and saw so many new things that we never noticed before! God always does amazing things when we visit there! Went to the Ripley’s Aquarium in Gatlinburg & got to see my favorite thing in the world…PENGUINS! Went to the Titanic museum and got to experience what it would have been like to travel on the Titanic. We got to see living conditions for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd class guests. The smoke room, the hall, the captains port, the main stair case (Leonardo DiCaprio wasn’t there though =/ ) That was the best vacation ever! 🙂
October – 1st – Chris Tomlin! Faith Long & I got to see Kristian Stanfil & Chris Tomlin from front row center seats! Worship was amazing! It was so great to be a part of worship and sing along with thousands of other people.
28th – Fall Fest! I was snow white this year and I must say… I was the cutest snow white ever 🙂 well, except for this cute little girl who was snow white too and was so thrilled to see that someone else was dressed like her. (I gave her 20 tickets for dressing like me ;] )
November – 6th – Chick-Fil-A! I got my first job at CFA! it’s the best job ever! I have an amazing boss that prays with me & great managers who understand my blood sugars! It’s also cool to work alongside friends such as Ethan Davis, Stephen Stonestreet & especially my one best friends Megan Hodges! The hours are great and the food is great! did I mention it’s the best job ever? God truly put me in the right spot!
18th – FIASCO! my dad lost his job. very unexpected. He thought he was going into a meeting but they stopped him and just basically said “you dont’ work here anymore”. He hadn’t done anything, he wasn’t laid off or fired…his position was terminated…but they didn’t give us a single warning. They hardly gave him enough time to get what he could out of his work car to put in a taxi and sent him home. Didn’t let him go to his office and get his belongings, wouldn’t let him get his pictures off his computer, or get contacts out of his phone. It was bad. It’s been rough on us but we’re doin good and believing God has betting things in mind.
25th – Thanksgiving! nuf said.
December – wow, where has my year gone!?
23rd – My 19th Birthday! Steelers won against Carolina!
24th – Christmas at grandparents!
25th – Christmas day! we get sick. I go in the Hospital. if you don’t already know that story, then read my previous blog titled “SICKness on CHRISTmas”
31st – Today! My mommas birthday! Still recovering from sickness at Christmas so I’ll party hardy with my teddy bear and glass of water! woo! I know I’m such a party animal.

Also in 2010 I got to see many MANY concerts :House of Heros, TobyMac, Skillet, Revive and so many more! Underground was started at HBC by Will Basham. God has done great things with that ministry and I’m excited to be a part of it! I met a great friend from Texas named Ruel! He came in and it was like he’d been a part of the gang for 10 years. definitely one of my best friends! He moved back to texas last week and by what Facebook says, he’s getting married in 2 days! Congrats Rue! I lost a lot of friends too…I still don’t know why, they just stopped talking to me. But hey, God definitely put new friends in my life! like Megan Hodges, Amanda Blevins, Brittni Furry, etc. Oh! Andddd Amanda Basham found out she was pregnant!! Bella’s gonna have a little brother! all thanks to a text message (haha) 🙂

Happy New Year EVERYONE! Hope you made your year count! Have a blessed 2011! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂